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Benefits of Subfloor Insulation

By insulating the subfloor in your home or commercial property, you can reap the following benefits:

Prevents Floor Buckling

Oftentimes, issues with floor buckling are caused by excessive humidity inside or under your property. Subfloor insulation can shield against them.

Eliminates Drafts

If your property is elevated above the ground, you may be dealing with drafts. Subfloor insulation may resolve this issue.

Prevents Heats Loss

Insulating your subfloors can make a positive difference in the colder months. While it won’t necessarily lead to heated floors, it will keep more heat inside your home or business.

Lowers Energy Costs

As long as the subfloor insulation is performed properly, you can ensure heat stays in your home and reduce the amount of energy you use. This may lead to substantial savings over time.

Reduces Risk of Pipe Freezing

Frozen pipes can cost you money and headaches down the road. That’s where subfloor insulation comes in. It can give your pipes the extra protection that stops them from freezing.

Acts as a Vapor Barrier

Wood floors are particularly vulnerable to moisture. Insulation can prevent moisture from coming in and soaking them. The vapor barrier provided by insulation can also be beneficial if you have a damp basement and depend on sump pumps or dehumidifiers to keep it dry.

Helps the Environment

Since subfloor insulation reduces your energy usage, it allows you to preserve more of our planet. You won’t be as reliant on artificial heating and cooling devices and in turn, make a positive difference in the environment


When most people think of insulating their homes or commercial properties, ceiling insulation and wall insulation usually come to mind first. But what about subfloor insulation? If you’d like to slow down heat loss in the weather and heat gain in the summer while preventing air draughts, it’s worth considering. Insulating your subfloor also prevents floor buckling. At Bucher Insulation, we’re pleased to offer subfloor insulation services to keep your space comfortable and energy efficient year round.

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