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Net & Blow

Benefits of Net and Blow Insulation

The most noteworthy advantages of net and blow insulation include:

Reduced Risk of Mold or Mildew

Since our highly trained and experienced technicians don’t use moisture during the net and blow installation process, there is a much lower risk of trapping moisture, leading to less mold or mildew problems.

No Dry Out Period

Since net and blow insulation is a dry form of insulation, you can install drywall immediately after insulating. Unlike with other types of insulation, there is no dry out period so you’ll be able to stay on schedule with ease.

Impressive Thermal Efficiency

Due to the unique fibers, net and blow insulation won’t settle or separate for years. The result? Sustained R-values and excellent thermal efficiency that allows for optimal comfort in your space.

Reduced Noise

Net and blow fills every single gap in your property, delivering consistent coverage. This leads to a quiet, peaceful environment that everyone is sure to appreciate.

No Voids

Time after time, research proves that even a small gap in an insulated cavity can increase energy costs. There is no cutting or fitting when installing net and blow insulation, ensuring no voids and unparalleled thermal efficiency.

Superior Air Quality

Net and blow insulation can improve the indoor air quality in your home or business. It’s ideal for anyone with allergies or respiratory conditions.

image of walls prepared for a net and blow spray foam insulation install


Also known as the bib system, net and blow insulation is a great way to insulate your home or business. It acts as a seamless, thermal blanket that fills just about every hole and cavity in your property. With net and blow, you don’t have to worry about any gaps, voids, or settling. At Butcher Insulation, we are pleased to offer net and blow insulation to improve your energy efficiency and comfort level.

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