InsulSafe Insulation

InsulSafe SP is a fiber glass blowing insulation used in residential and commercial construction as a thermal and sound absorbing insulation. It is designed for pneumatic installation in open (attic) and closed (sidewalls/floor) construction cavities. It may be used in retrofit applications.

Every material resists the flow of heat but some are more efficient insulators than others. The most common types of insulation are fiber glass, rock wool and cellulose, with fiber glass being by far the most preferred material. It is thermally efficient and will last the life of your home without settling or deteriorating with age.

InsulSafe® SP premium loose fill insulation improves energy efficiency and reduces energy consumption in new and existing homes. It is estimated that 80 million existing homes (primarily those built before 1980) are under-insulated, which could mean they are experiencing substantial heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer – straining HVAC equipment and wasting money.

Better coverage
Thermally efficient
Excellent sound control
Won’t settle
Lasts for life of the home to reduce energy demand and costs
Environmentally sustainable
Won’t rot or decay
Won’t absorb moisture or support fungus growth
GREENGUARD® Children & Schools Certified
Limited lifetime warranty

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This insulation product qualifies for an energy tax credit of up to $1500 under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. For more information, visit the CertainTeed Energy Tax Creditpage.

What is the Best Fiberglass Insulation Method?

Fiberglass insulation was introduced in 1938 and eventually became the most common home insulation method used in the 20th century. In recent years, there have been technological advancements that have improved fiberglass insulation – making it much more effective as well as eliminating any risks posed by traditional rolled fiberglass insulation.

Today, the most efficient and cost-effective method of applying fiberglass insulation is a process known as “blown fiberglass.” Products such as InsulSafe® provide excellent energy efficiency which significantly reduces the amount of energy consumed in both new and existing homes.

Blown fiberglass insulation can greatly reduce your energy bills because it fits much more tightly into cracks and around pipes and beams – as well as any other odd-shaped objects and tight spaces where rolled fiberglass insulation just cannot fit. This results in significant energy savings.

Blown fiberglass insulation also provides an air-tight seal. This serves to seal out allergens and pollutions from your home – while also helping to prevent noise from traveling through the walls of your home.

It’s estimated that about 80 million homes in the United States are under-insulated – resulting in substantial heat loss in the winter and added heat in the summer. This not only creates much higher energy bills – it results in your heating and air conditioning units running for much longer periods of time. This will eventually cause faster wear and tear – which can result in expensive heating and AC repairs.

The fact is that blown fiberglass insulation is a very cost effective and energy efficient choice that will save you a great deal of money in the long run.

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