Image of an attic with spray foam insulation

Open Cell Foam Insulation

Benefits of Open Cell Insulation

The most noteworthy advantages of insulating with open cell foam include:

Large Expansion Rate

Open cell spray foam greatly expands after its applied. This means it can effectively fill small cracks and other areas that are difficult to reach. It creates a better airtight seal than other forms of insulation, leaving no area exposed.

Lower Utility Bills

If you invest in open cell insulation, you’re sure to save money on your energy costs. While the savings might not seem substantial at first, they will add up over time.

Long Lasting

Unlike fiberglass insulation, foam insulation will hold its structure for a while. You can expect it to last and won’t have to worry about a replacement.

Thermal and Air Barrier

Since open cell insulation acts as a seamless thermal barrier and air barrier, it allows for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. You may think of it as a winter jacket for your home or business.

Improved Air Quality

Once our team performs open cell encapsulation, you’ll enjoy better air quality. This can benefit anyone that spends time in your property, especially those with allergies and respiratory conditions.

Noise Reduction

Open cell spray foam insulation can do wonders for blocking sound from your interior space. It may be just what you need to achieve a more peaceful environment.

Open cell insulation is a type of foam with tiny cells that are not completely closed. As soon as it’s applied to any surface, it expands and hardens, acting as an exceptional insulator. Compared to closed cells, open cells are a lower density material made with polyurethane.

This type of insulation can be applied in a variety of places that you don’t have direct access to, including walls, ceilings, roofs, and other hard-to-reach spaces. Plus, it's specifically formulated with anti-microbial ingredients to stop mildew, and bacterial growth.

Here at Butcher Insulation, we recommend open cell insulation for anyone looking for an affordable yet effective insulation solution. As long as you’re not in an area that’s susceptible to extreme weather conditions, it can provide you with the energy efficient upgrade you may be searching for.

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