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Exterior Walls

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Benefits of Insulation for Exterior Walls

The most noteworthy benefits of using spray foam materials to insulate exterior walls include:

Energy Efficiency

Once spray foam insulation is installed to your exterior walls, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your energy costs. You may be surprised to learn that it may lower your bill by up to 40%! This type of savings makes spray foam insulation well worth the upfront investment.

Noise Reduction

If you’d like to reduce the amount of noise that makes its way into your home or business from the outdoors, insulating your exterior walls with spray foam is a great idea. Thanks to the closed-cell molecular construct, you’ll enjoy a quieter, more relaxing environment.


Compared to other types of insulation, spray foam is very flexible, meaning it can fit virtually every substrate or construction shape. It expands to fill any hole, crevice, or surface area you’d like to insulate.

Highly Resistant

Spray foam insulation is highly resistant to water, moisture, and mold. This means it can reduce the risk of serious damage and health hazards, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

To ensure an energy efficient home or business, insulating your exterior walls is not an option. It’s a necessity. By investing in exterior wall insulation, you can lower your energy costs and maintain a comfortable environment for your family, guests, employees, and anyone else who steps foot into your space.

Here at Butcher Insulation, we’re pleased to offer top quality insulation for interior walls. Depending on your unique property, we may recommend a spray foam solution. While closed cell foam insulation is ideal for masonry cavity walls, open cell foam works best behind insulation panels as it can further insulate the inner side of external walls.

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